Tampa Ceramic Tile

Wholesale Tile Supply offers ceramic tile to Tampa and the surrounding areas. Some of the types of ceramic tiles we supply to Tampa, Florida include:


In the United States there are five grades assigned to floor tiles, whether they are imported or produced in this country. The grades are in Roman numerals, with grade I being the lowest and V the highest. I know of no one who makes grade I tiles however, so let’s start with II. Grade II tiles can be used in residential applications where light traffic is expected. Bathroom floors, for example, do not receive very heavy traffic. Grade III tiles are adequate for any residential use, including kitchen and entry floors, which receive considerable traffic. These tiles might also be used in light-traffic commercial applications — perhaps beauty parlors and other businesses where there is not a heavy and continuous volume of foot traffic.. Grade IV tiles are rated commercial, although they are also commonly used in homes. These tiles will hold up in just about any application, including grocery stores, bank lobbies, etc. Grade V tiles are used in industrial settings, where they are expected to receive heavy abuse and exposure to various chemicals. Not many grade V tiles would be used in the home. They usually look too commercial. Tile grades are never stamped on packaging, so you are at the mercy of the person selling you the tile. This is one of the reasons I suggest you do your shopping at established tile supply locations and not at discount stores and home centers. Only people who specialize in a product are going to know a great deal about it. Home center employees, for example, simply have too many products to keep up with.

Quarry Tiles

Quarry tiles are made from the same clay bricks are made of. Quarry tiles, including brick pavers, paving bricks and paving tiles are all from the family known as “burnt clay.” These tiles come in different sizes and shapes: some are square, some are irregular, and some are generally shaped like bricks laid flat — about four by eight inches or so. All of the burnt clay materials are extremely durable, inasmuch as they are fired hard, and the color pigments go all the way through from top to bottom. They are rated at grade IV or V. Quarry tiles will never wear out no matter how much abuse they’re subjected to.